Dabbing concentrates can be a messy affair. Hot spluttering dabs can leave sticky rosin caked on your dabbing surfaces that can be a real pain to clean. That’s why experienced dabbers make use of silicone dab mats to catch any wayward concentrates and keep their dabbing spaces in top condition ready for the next session. 


A silicone dab mat, also known as a silicone sheet, is simply a mat that sits under your dab rig and protects your desk and table surfaces from becoming gunked up with spillages as you dab. Silicone is the ultimate non-stick surface, and allows spilled concentrates to be easily cleaned and collectedmeaning your dabbing spaces won’t end up caked in a sticky hard-to-remove mess. Furthermore, you’ll never lose a quality dab to butter fingers as dropped concentrates are a breeze to recollect from silicone surfaces.  


Using silicone sheets or dab mats is incredibly simple. Just lay a silicone mat down on a flat surface and place your dabbing rig and accessories on top. It’s recommended to get a silicone mat large enough to accommodate all of your gear with some extra space to catch any spillages, and we have a number of sizes available so you’ll have no trouble picking the right one for your needs.


Here at Rosin Tech, we stock a wide variety of silicone dab mats and sheets to cater to every type of dabber. From small 6” circular mats that are perfect for small rigs, to medium sized 8” x 12” rectangular mats for intermediate setups, and even super sized 2’ x 3’ mat variants that are also great for rosin makers who typically work with larger spaces to produce solventless rosin. Be sure to check out our complete range of silicone dab mats to choose the perfect mat for your needs.


So, keep your dabbing space clean and reduce the chances of dropped dabs going to waste with the use of a non-stick silicone dab mat!