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About Us

Rosin Tech Labs is a leading provider of state-of-the-art solventless extraction equipment and supplies. No one knows the rosin press like the Rosin Tech Labs team. Both of our company’s founders never hesitated to get their hands dirty as 2/3 of an assembly team working nights out of a tiny garage in Bethpage, New York. Those early models were assembled with true passion, determination and faith in the technology, not to mention the superior product they turned out. But the solventless message was too big to be constrained by such a tiny operation.

As we spread the word about our solventless experience, we also spread to the other side of the country, moving our headquarters to Los Angeles. Our rosin press designs improved and diversified, satisfying different demands and covering the full spectrum of use, from personal to commercial. We worked the tradeshow scene, grateful for the opportunity to bring our message of the solventless life to as many open minds as possible, along with countless demonstrations of our rosin press models in action.

We offer dry sift tumblers, freeze dryers, ice water hash extraction systems, and plenty of accessories like filter bags, parchment paper and pre-press molds. If it’s within the realm of rosin production, we’ve got it.

Quality isn’t an empty word at Rosin Tech. From our rosin presses down, we make sure all our products uphold our discerning standards, as all our equipment is used in our own hash production facility in Los Angeles. 

We also offer consulting services if you’re considering taking the plunge into commercial production. Commercial demand calls for exacting processes, so it pays to get your lab right the first time. We have the expertise and hands-on experience to help you map out your extraction lab for utmost efficiency, cohesion and convenience, simultaneously using our knowledge to guide the process with the end product in mind.

Rosin Tech Labs has netted numerous High Times Cannabis Cup awards over the years ranging from best booth to best product. Rosin Tech Labs was there in the beginning and we’ve been here for every leap forward. If you are in California, visit your local shop to try our award winning hash.


1st Place – Best Booth – High Times Cannabis Cup Canada

1st Place – Best Product (Rosin Tech Filter Bags) - High Times Cannabis Cup Canada

2nd Place – Best Booth – High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan

2nd Place – Best Product (Rosin Tech Filter Bags) - High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan

1st Place – Best Booth – Emerald Cup

2nd Place – Best Product (Rosin Tech Filter Bags) – High Times Midwest Cup

1st Prize – Best Booth – High Times Cannabis Cup – Sacramento

2nd Prize – Best Product – High Times Cannabis Cup – Sacramento

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