If you’re new to the world of cannabis then you’ve likely run into a lot of confusing jargon like trichomes, cannabinoids, solventless rosin and bubble hash, for example. So, in order to clear up the sometimes obscure terminology surrounding weed, let’s explore another cannabis fundamental by answering the question: What is bubble hash?


Bubble hash is a new form of hashish, and like tradicional hash it’s a concentrated form of cannabis. Bubble hash is made with the use of the ice water extraction technique, which involves submerging cannabis flower in ice cold water, and then agitating it to release its resins. These cannabis resins, or “trichomes” are collected with the use of fine filter meshes, and then dried to produce some of the highest quality hash imaginable.


But what’s the difference between bubble hash and regular hash? Traditionally hashish is made by dry-sifting cannabis flowers. This involves tossing buds around over a mesh screen, and collecting dry trichomes into a powder which is pressed into blocks. It’s a tried and true technique which can be used to produce some quality hash.

However, due to the large amount of impurities and plant materials that tend to be collected in traditional hash making, there’s a limit to the outright quality that can be produced. Bubble hash, on the other hand, takes the concept much further with a laboratory grade approach.


One of the greatest strengths of bubble hash is its potency and purity. Thanks to the level of refinement of the technique, very little if any green plant materials are collected along with the trichomes, and this results in a purer hashish than would otherwise be possible. Furthermore, bubble hash itself can come in a range of qualities, and is further graded with a five star quality system


The real key to top level bubble hash is the use of micron filter bags. In fact, ice water extraction makes use of multiple filter bags with differing mesh sizes. This allows the cannabis trichomes to be further graded, meaning hash makers can cream off the very best trichomes to create a hashish of unparalleled purity and strength.


Both “bubble hash” and “solventless rosin” are cannabis concentrates and you’ll frequently hear the terms paired together. This is because more often than not, rosin is actually made from bubble hash. In fact, rosin made from high grade bubble hash tends to be next level itself, and creates a much more potent and pure concentrate than when it’s made from cannabis buds.  

So, hopefully that clears up any misunderstandings you were having about bubble hash, and be sure to join us in the future for more cannabis fundamentals.